We are focused on delivering innovative solutions to help you manage skyrocketing healthcare costs and improve the quality of lives. We work with both organizations and individuals looking for complement to their current healthcare situations.

Our Work With Organizations
We strive to identify and understand your specific challenges and then collaborate to achieve ideal outcomes through bundling a variety of innovative employee benefit services.  Our solutions fit all aspects of the employment life cycle: new hires, part timers and those being off boarded.  Best of all Everyone Can Join regardless of age.

Our core service is a tele-health platform offering 24/7 access by phone to U.S. board certified doctors. Utilization reduces unnecessary visits to urgent care and ER which can drastically reduce an organizations health care costs.  Some our other solutions include : Telehealth, HealthAdvocate, Medical Bill Saver, AskAFS Financial Help Line and a number of other time and money saving solutions. Find out how MyHealthCall can affect your bottom line by clicking here. 

Our Work With Individuals
Whether you are fully insured, under insured, on Medicare or have no insurance at all, MyHealthCall can be a vital part of your healthcare. We can help you get quick access to doctors 24/7 by phone or online video consult for one low monthly price for your family.

Through our valued partnerships we bring over 60 years of industry experience in the medical healthcare field. Our experience in the benefits, communications, marketing, sales and public relations industries provides your business with well rounded, strategic partners looking out for your best interests. Our consultative approach to doing business provides you with unparalleled service, support and commitment.


For questions or information please contact us at : info@MyHealthCallRx.com or call us at 859.653-3663