What is MyHealthCall?

At MyHealthCall, we are focused on delivering innovative solutions to help control skyrocketing healthcare costs and improve the quality of lives. Our business division strives to identify and understand your business’s challenges and then collaborate to achieve ideal outcomes through bundling a variety of innovative services. 

 Our plan provides 24/7/365 physician access and substantial savings on other health & lifestyle services such as labs and imaging, financial and much more by phone. MyHealthCall is a welcome relief to individuals and businesses throughout the United States.

Who can use our benefits?

Anyone can utilize MyHealthCall. The plan includes you and all of your legal dependents, regardless of age or health status. Everyone can use our benefits! It’s perfect for employees or individuals in between plans, working part-time or retirees.

What if I already have insurance?

Individuals: Even if you have health insurance, MyHealthCall can save you money and time on services and products not usually provided or covered by insurance. By having access 24/7 access by phone to board certified physicians, personal health advocates and savings on lab and imaging services, and prescriptions you and your immediate family can enjoy life.

Businesses: MyHealthCall is the perfect supplement  to your current healthcare plan. We can help lower your healthcare costs by giving your employees valuable money and time saving options. Providing access to physicians 24/7 by phone can drastically reduce the number of urgent care, ER or physician office visits your employees incur each year. Every employee: full- time, part-time, retired or off boarded can participate.

Why choose MyHealthCall?

MyHealthCall is dedicated to providing solutions to the ever increasing costs of healthcare.  Through our valued partnerships we bring over 60 years of industry experience in the medical healthcare arena. Our benefit package offers unlimited access to valuable health and lifestyle services at a low cost per month, per family.

What is the 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee?

You can cancel your membership within 30 days of the effective date for a full refund of the monthly membership fee. After that, you can cancel at any time!

Can I use MyHealthCall when traveling?

Our plans may be used from anywhere in the United States and are perfect for frequent travelers, college students and more. If you or an immediate family member has access to a phone or computer with Internet access, they’re minutes away from their MyHealthCall services.

How do I get my MyHealthCall membership?

Individuals: By purchasing services online.

Businesses: MyHealthCall can be rolled out anytime throughout the year or during open enrollment. We’ll work with your HR & benefit specialists to set-up the ideal situation for your company.

Do I talk to real doctors?

Yes. MyHealthCall members only talk to actual doctors who are U.S. board-certified internists, state-licensed family practitioners, pediatricians and emergency medical doctors licensed to practice medicine in the U.S. When you request a consultation, the telehealth service provider will connect with a doctor licensed in your state.

Can I request a particular doctor?

You cannot request a particular doctor. MyHealthCall is designed to support your relationship with your existing doctor. It is not a means of establishing an exclusive relationship with telehealh doctors. Please know that telehealth doctors are highly qualified and go through rigorous training and credentialing. Our telehealth provider has the largest physician network of any telehealth provider with board-certified, state-licensed doctors.

Can I get a prescription?

If the physician deems necessary they will call in a prescription to the local pharmacy of your choice. MyHealthCall vendor partners do not guarantee prescriptions, it  is up to the doctor to recommend the best treatment. The doctors do not issue prescriptions for substances controlled by the DEA, non-theraputic, and/or certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. These include, but are not limited to, antidepressant drugs such as Cymbalta, Prozac and Zoloft. Also, non-theraputic drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, are not prescribed by telehealth doctors.

View the current list of DEA substances >>

Where do the prescription drugs come from?

MyHealthCall does not dispense prescription drugs. A prescription is called into the local pharmacy of your choice.

Is my electronic health record kept private?

Health records are kept totally private, the telehealth service provider employs robust encryption methods to protect your personal information. You determine who can see the information in your record.

Can I call MyHealthCall outside of the United States?

Prescriptions and video consultations are not available for international consultations.

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