How MyHealthCall Works

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  1. Purchase MyHealthCall online to receive your membership ID & member booklet.
  2. Start Saving Money, Time & Frustration by utilizing the many services MyHealthCall offers.

MyHealthCall was designed to assist consumers with the high costs and excessive time spent on healthcare today. Whether you are uninsured, underinsured or use MyHealthCall as a supplement to your existing health insurance plan – EVERYONE benefits!

Who doesn’t want 24/7 access by phone to board certified physicians?  

The service along with numerous other benefits can save you thousands of dollars, as well as a lot of frustration and time!  There is only one benefit plan and is effective upon receipt of membership materials, which is 7-10 business days from registration.  If you do not receive your kit within two weeks please call us at 1-800-800-7616

MyHealthCall plan with a 30-day money back guarantee and available for use by you and your dependents. Don’t wait until someone is ill. Sign up today and have access the moment you need it most.
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